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Project launches on 7th of September, 2016

The Open Learning Space is wednesdays every week at 3:15pm in either room 017 (S017) or room 015 (S015) in the so-called "Neues Seminargebäude (NSG)" on the main campus of the University of Leipzig. The Tutoring happens at the same time, at the same place.

Our project will launch on the 7th of September, 2016 in room 017. No registration or application is required, we look forward to meeting you!

➥ What is this “Open Learning Space”? What is the Tutoring about?



We’re very happy to announce that our project “mitStudieren” will launch on Wednesday, 7th of September. Both the Open Learning Space as well as the Tutoring will take place at the main Campus of University of Leipzig at Universitätsstraße in room 017 of NSG (Neues Seminargebäude). For further information go to “Projectinfo” or e-mail us at . Sadly, we can’t yet provide you with a french, arabic, farsi or russian version of our website.



  • Herder-Institut
    Philologische Fakultät
    Universität Leipzig
    Lehrstuhl Kulturstudien DaF/DaZ
    Prof. Claus Altmayer
    Beethovenstr. 15
    04107 Leipzig